From Collbató to the Sanctuary of Montserrat

Activity Trekking
Slop 700m
Duraction 2h30m aprox (one way)

Bring enough water and appropriate mountain footwear.

This route, although being hard due to its unevenness, offers spectacular views, and is the path that pilgrims used to climb to reach the sanctuary in the past.


From Collbató we go towards the hermitage of La Salut, we can leave the car in the parking of the picnic area, from there we go up the path that takes us to the Salnitre cave.

We go up the stairs that lead to the caves taking the path that comes out to the right, we will see a sign that indicates “Montserrat Monastery”, from here we must follow the red and white marks.

After “Clot d’en Casanelles”, the path begins to climb steeply.

We will arrive at a crossroads and take the one on the left in the direction of “Sant Miquel”.

Shortly after we arrive at the “camí de les bateries” and we continue to the right towards the monastery, we pass by the hermitage and the Sant Miquel viewpoint, it is worth going closer to contemplate the views from this viewpoint.

Following the descent path we will arrive at the Sanctuary area.

View of the Monastery from the Creu de Sant Miquel viewpoint, Author: A. García Pon.

For the return, it is highly recommended to go down through the Santa Cova, the last part of the way is the same as we have done going up.

It is not recommended to do the excursion during the hottest months, it is not recommended to do this itinerary with children due to the great accumulated unevenness.