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The hidden Montserrat

Alternative guide, where you will discover the secrets and curiosities that are hidden at first glance, in the area of ​​the Sanctuary of Montserrat: The elements of the Basilica, the mysterious Atrium, the unknown Museum, the Plaza Santa María ... Enter here if you want to know more about this magic place.

The Natural Park

The mountain of Montserrat may seem arid, but it is due to the great verticality of its walls. If we go along its paths, we will verify that it is not like that, rather on the contrary, its vegetation is dense and exuberant.

Active Tourism

Excursions, climbing routes, descents, horse riding, places of interest, caves ... The mountain of Montserrat is an ideal place to practice different adventure sports and active tourism activities.

Majestic, powerful, imposing, esoteric, magical, whether due to its shape, its magnetism or its legends, the mountain of Montserrat is an awesome place to visit.

the villages

of Montserrat
“Moreneta” de Montserrat.