El Bruc town offers one of the best views of Montserrat.

This small town of about 2,000 inhabitants is known for its important role during the war of independence known in Catalonia as the “guerra del francés” (French war)

El Bruc, Montserrat

The Battle of El Bruc is known for being the first victory over Napoleon’s army, from there arose the legend of the “timbaler del Bruc” (the Bruc’s drummer), a boy who with his drum and thanks to the echoes produced by the mountain of Montserrat made the French troops backing out, because they believed that a great army was approaching them.

Once in El Bruc we can visit the “timbaler” monument, the museum of the Montserrat mountain where we will find a collection of the battles of El Bruc, a collection on the Montserrat climbings, fossils and prehistoric remains found in the mountain, photographic archives, etc …

Another point of interest is the church of Santa María whose initial construction dates from the eleventh century

How to get to El Bruc

El Bruc can only be accessed by road which makes this a very quiet town to visit.

By Car

From Barcelona by the A-2 speedway Exit El Bruc.

By Bus

The Hispano Igualadina bus company has departures from Barcelona or Igualada with a stop at El Bruc.

For schedules and more information take a look at the Hispano Igualadina website.