The common visitor of Montserrat Mountain only knows a small piece: the area where the abbey, the cells, the Moreneta, the Santa Cova are located… As if they read only the first page of a big book, and even so, they are impressed because of the majesty and the athmosphere that is breathed in the place.

But the mountain of Montserrat is much more, and not only in terms of geology, nature and adventure sports.

Majestic, powerful, imposing, esoteric, magical, whether due to its shape, its magnetism or its legends, the mountain of Montserrat leaves no one indifferent.

There is something in Montserrat that is difficult to describe in words, to understand that “something” we must move to the realm of sensations and feelings.

A Special Energy

Walking its innumerable trails, streams and forests, climbing its peaks called “Agulles” (needles), even the most skeptical visitors can feel a special energy and sensitivity.

Not in vain, the Montserrat mountain has been a place of pilgrimage, home of hermits and a “magic” mountain since very remote times, where cultures that are lost in history built their temples and necropolis, from those primitive groups, to the present day There have been countless personalities who have visited the “magic mountain”, all of them being impregnated and impressed of that “something” that can only be understood after visiting the mountain and touring it.

Something inexplicable

Who knows what is the rational explanation for this phenomenon, there are those who attribute it to the telluric energies, magnetism, energy points, ionization produced by groundwater …


All are theories, it is unknown what this emblematic mountain hides, but it is well known that there is something inexplicable, something capable of even changing the mood of people who are lucky enough to be able to explore it, even producing altered states of consciousness

So, What are you waiting to feel in your body and soul this indescribable sensation? let’s explore!

Human beings can only find peace and happiness in their own Montserrat

J. W. Von Goethe